Located in South East London in the Borough of Lambeth, it is one of the most dynamic and vibrant areas of central London and one of those rare spots where tourists and locals truly mix due to the concentration of transport hubs, award-winning cultural venues, and popular tourists attractions. 


Recently re-branded Midtown, this elegant neighborhood of Central London, located right between the bustling West End and the dynamic City, is the traditional home of the legal profession. 

Oxford Street

With an impressive length of more than 1 mile, Oxford Street is the longest shopping street in Europe and one of the busiest and most famous in the world.


Iconic, teeming and energetic, it has become a symbol for the entire city and one of the most famous intersections on the planet as it is estimated that nearly 100 million people walk through it each year. 


Soho, London’s entertainment centre, is located right in the heart of the West End. The area covers roughly one square mile (2.6 square kilometres), easy to be explored on foot.

Covent Garden

No visit to London would be complete without experiencing the distinctive atmosphere of Covent Garden. It is one of London’s most lively areas for shopping, entertainment and culture.